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Clinical research facilitation

Do you have research ideas for paper, poster or presentation? Our organization can help you with the research development chores!

General session of the 2018 ECOG-ACRIN Fall meeting had one very important message to take home - there is a catastrophic lack of new researchers on the scene. Older researchers are retiring and there are only few young ones to replace them. The problem is a complex one... new researchers will not appear out of nowhere. First, we have to build the culture of research and make research an attractive endeavor for young doctors.

We prove our commitment to increase awareness and to build the culture of research at our hospital with real initiatives. We encourage our colleagues to take the first step in becoming researchers and we offer to support you along the way.

CCH MU-NCORP has more than 15 years experience of working together with attending physicians, fellows and residents to produce high quality research projects. We even participated in developing in-house clinical trials, one of which became national research trial. Whether you have a small idea or big project in sight, we are here to support you!

Areas of Clinical Research Facilitation:

  • Data acquisition: we can help you to locate valuable data, extract and clean it up. We can get the data from CCH Cancer Registry, also through our partnership with Collaborative Research Unit (Dept. of Medicine) we can even get access to real time Cerner data.
  • Development of data collection instruments: custom data capture software, mobile devices, multilingual options, security, access to Cerner.
  • Data analysis: although we don't have on-staff statistician, we can use our network to locate one and arrange partnership.
  • Access to Clinical Research Lab: we can provide access to Clinical Research Lab for sample/tissue processing and storage (-20 C, -70 C and Liquid Nitrogen submersion).
  • Navigation help: we can help you to establish necessary connections with Pathology, Radiology and other departments, depending on your research needs.
  • Volunteer services: if you anticipate for significant amount of manual labor to be needed, we can help you to find and screen volunteers for you project and then guide them through the Research Onboarding process.
  • IRB: as it is the case with every new research project, it is always good to have IRB documents ready. We will guide you from the beginning to the very end of the process.
  • Research trial development and maintenance
  • Grant management