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PCORnet CDM and HMORN VDW data model mapping tables

Example of data model mapping table v1.0This resource provides an easy way to compare two popular data models used in US clinical research community: PCORnet Common Data Model (CDM) and HMORN Virtual Data Warehouse data model, which is used by Cancer Research Network (CRN)... read more

PORTS (Patient Oncology Research Tracking System)

PORTS overviewOverview of our in-house developed comprehensive clinical research site data management system PORTS... read more

PORTS (Patient Oncology Research Tracking System) tutorials

PORTS - How to enter new patient - 01Here you will find a collection of tutorials for our in-house developed Comprehensive Data Management System for Protocol Patient and IRB Documentation Management (PORTS)... read more

WebCollab for medical, clinical and research project management

CCH MU-NCORP - WebCollab for project management in medical field - 01On this page we will discuss how to use web-based open source project management software WebCollab in medical field... read more