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Urjeet A. Patel, MD

Associate Principal Investigator for the CCH Minority/Underserved NCI Community Oncology Research Program grant

NCI NCORP Dr. Urjeet Patel, MD
NCI NCORP, Dr. Urjeet Patel, MD

Urjeet Patel, MD is the Chairman of Otolaryngology at Cook County health and the Associate Principal Investigator for the Stroger Hospital of Cook County Minority-Underserved NCORP (SHCC MU-NCORP). He is also Chairman of the CCH Cancer Committee and has been a clinically active Head and Neck surgeon for the past 18 years.

Further, Dr. Patel serves as our NCORP’s Cancer Care Delivery Lead and in collaboration with the PI and Administrator, is responsible for the development of new strategies for growth and expansion of our NCORP. He provides expertise on the feasibility and participation in all head and neck clinical trials opened at our site.


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