Thomas Lad, MD

Principal Investigator for the Chicago Minority/Underserved NCI Community Oncology Research Program grant

Thomas Lad, MD
Thomas Lad, MD. Photo: Martin P. Zielinski

Thomas Lad, MD is an investigator with an extensive research background in NCI clinical trials.

He is responsible for overall administration and Chicago MU NCORP operations. This includes development of new strategies for Chicago MU NCORP growth and expansion within the framework of improved cancer services for the hospital, new physician recruitment and participation, development of plans to improve accrual to clinical studies, development of partnerships with new institutions and research bases, prioritization of studies and resources, and supervision of data management and audit operations.


  • Chicago MU NCORP Office: (312) 864-5204
  • E-mail:

*** Please be aware that any communication through this email address is NOT HIPAA protected and therefore should be used only with this understanding. For all Chicago MU NCORP patients, please call our office during regular business hours for assistance.